Are you trying to lose weight?
Modern convenience living has set us a whole new set of problems. A whole generation of children have grown up with only television programs and computer games to stimulate them. In fact most of us lead sedentary lives in front of a PC at work and a TV at home.

This can lead to problems of obesity, lack of energy, anxiety.

Very few of us are really challenged and stimulated in our daily lives. Physical exercise can provide a goal in its own right, and enable us to have the energy to take on greater challenges. It is well understood nowadays that physical training releases endorphins in the brain that improve feelings of well-being and self-confidence.

How Can I Help You?
Janine Whitlock British Record Pole Vaulter
Most of us face the challenge of weight gain at some point in our lives for a variety of reasons:-
  • Lack of exercise.

  • Bad diet.

  • Sedentary lifestyle.

At Fitness For You I can help you achieve your weight loss goals by designing, maintaining and monitoring a programme that combines exercise and nutritional advice on a healthy diet.